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Archive for October, 2009

Quick Halloween kettlebell session. Presses felt good. My legs are still sore from this weeks activities, but I managed a personal best pace with the 53lber. Just a tad faster than my 250 reps in 6 minutes pace that I did last week. Cardio and endurance is improving quickly. Surpisingly, I was not that winded after each set of 50, and was fully recovered in about minute after the last set. Not bad!

Strict Standing Presses - 53lb bell - repeated 5 times - 68 total presses:
6x Left/Right (first 4 sets)
10x Left/Right (last set)
<1 minute rest

Swings - 5 minutes continuous - 53lb bell - 210 reps:
50 reps, 10 seconds rest x4
10 reps after last rest

Duration: 10 minutes

This was a nice, quick workout. As I’ve whined about previously, the lack of being able to go heavy and intense on most of my upper body movements, while not being able to do some at all, has me frustrated. Since I am doing overhead presses so often with kettlebells I am just focusing on back and arms, and some chest pressing on my upper days. Back work felt good today. Curls are even tough to do because they put stress on my collar bone as well, so I stayed light there. Still got a good workout, though.

Wide-grip Seated Cable Row:

Standing Lat Rows with Rope:

Seated Lat Row:

Standing DB Curls:

Standing Hammer Curls:

Reverse BB Curls:

Preacher Curls:

EZ Curls:

Flat DB Press:

+ stretching

Duration: 40 minutes

Presses felt nice and strong today. My shoulders seem to be recovering well so far despite all this additional work. Swings were pretty brutal since I have some good fatigue going from yesterday’s squatting, but I still managed to add 50 reps in the extra minute compared to the 175-rep/6-minute effort from 2 weeks ago with the 70lber. Very decent. About half of the reps were one-armed, half two-armed. The bell was really slick today - some chalk would be helpful!

Strict Standing Presses - 53lb bell - repeated 5 times - 60 total presses:
6x Left/Right
<1 minute rest

Swings - 7 minutes continuous - 70lb bell - 225 reps:
25 reps, 10-20 seconds rest x9

Duration: 13 minutes

It’s pretty frustrating not being able to deadlift or press heavy, but I am trying to focus that angst into positive fuel for my squat workouts. Since I am unable to ‘release’ anything in the upper body workouts I really look forward to squatting now, more than ever before. I was fired up as hell for squats today and it showed with a nice PR. I still had some reps in the tank as well - I think 430×12 is possible if I go all out. I am also kind of liking the high-bar squat - I am staying much more upright, and that allows me to really explode out of the hole. After the most excellent squatting I moved on to step ups, which I still adore. These are getting stronger each session. Besides the good quad workout, these really work core stability and balance. I decided to do a set of pistol squats to a 12” box. These are a killer as well, and great for the core. Abs were nothing special, but really hit the spot. Yoga was great, afterwards.

ATG Squats (high-bar):
430x8x1 (PR)

BB Step Ups:
320x10x1 (PR)

Pistol Squats (touch-n-go off 12″ box):
bw x20x1 (PR)

Standing Cable Abs w/ Ab Strap:

Decline Situps (arms stretched out behind head):
bw x12x5

+ stretching + power yoga (60min)

Duration: 150 minutes

My schedule is a bit out of sync with the funeral being yesterday and all, so today I took care of yesterday’s workout, plus today’s scheduled kettlebell work.  I started with my back work, which all felt great, then went into yoga for 45 minutes (nice flow). Came out and finished the rest of my workout. DB floor presses were shittastic. I was hoping I would be able to do some good db floor presses but my collar bone started aching immediately. Not really aching, more like a pulling sensation at the bottom of the movement. Anyways, I did 3 light sets and moved on to light db presses and db extensions. Those felt fine. I gave flat bench and cg bench a whirl, not having done them in a while and superset them back to back until I decided to halt bench press work at 175lbs (collarbone started feeling uncomfortable). CG bench felt good, though, and actually did some kind of decent work there without any discomfort. My tweaked rear delt issue never showed up during pressing today, which is at least one positive to take away from this workout. Overall, I ended up doing lots of light stuff, but had some good volume work going, and I felt like I got as good of a workout as I could today, considering the circumstances.

Later in the day I did my kettlebell workout. Still skipping cleans to help my neck heal so I just did 5 sets of 6 for each side, with the only rests being as I switched the bell side to side. The 60 total presses took a little under 3 minutes or so. Snatches were easy, but my grip was weak as my it felt worn out from the cable rows earlier today.

Seated Cable Row:

Kneeling One-arm Pulldown/Lat Row:

DB Floor Press:

Flat DB Press:

Flat DB Extensions:

Bench Press:

CG Bench Press:

Upward Cable Crossover:

DB Lat Pullover:

Strict Standing Presses - 53lb bell - repeated 5 times - 60 total presses:
6x Left/Right
No rests

Snatches - 6 minutes continuous - 53lb bell - 80 reps:
10x Left / 10x Right
1 minute rest

+ stretching + yoga (45min)

Duration: 105 minutes

Holy hell this was exhausting. I’ve decided to put clean and press ladders on hold for a bit as I feel the cleans aggravate my neck injury. As a replacement, I did strict seated presses. These went well, then I moved on to swings. Today is the ‘heavy’ or ‘intense’ day. The plan called for sets of 25 with 5 second rests, swinging FAST. I did the first 150-175 reps one-armed, then switched to two hands for the last few sets as my fingers were filling with lactic acid, lol. As hard as I was breathing when I got done, I still recovered my breathing in around 2 minutes. Heart rate was down to 120ish after 5 minutes. Very pleased with this effort.

Strict Seated Presses - 53lb bell - repeated 4 times - 48 total presses, 48 total rows:
6x Left/Right
6x KB Row Left/Right
<1 minute rest

Swings - 6 minutes continuous - 53lb bell - 250 reps:
25 reps, 5 seconds rest x10

Duration: 12 minutes

Rainy, dreary, and chilly (46 degrees), but these conditions are my favorite for kettlebelling. Sound familiar? Today’s conditions were the same as last Wednesday’s - just a bit warmer tonight. Went lighter on the C&P ladders, which I could tell my shoulders appreciated. Still a killer workout, though. Swings were a exhausting. 300 reps in 8 minutes. My highest total with the 53lber was 340 in 12 minutes, so I would have killed that if I went for another 4 minutes (which I could have, I think). I kept rests to a strict 20 seconds between each set of 50 and did every set, except for the last one, with one hand. Brutal stuff.

Clean and Press Ladder - 53lb bell - repeated 4 times - 48 total C&Ps:
1x C&P Left/Right
1x KB Row Left/Right
2x C&P Left/Right
2x KB Row Left/Right
3x C&P Left/Right
3x KB Row Left/Right
<1 minute rest

Swings - 8 minutes continuous - 53lb bell - 300 reps:
50 reps, 20 seconds rest x6

+ power yoga (60min)

Duration: 75 minutes

This week is a planned deload week so I am doing nothing but kettlebell workouts. This week increases the clean and press ladders to 4 ladders, or 48 total clean and presses and rows. I handled all 4 ladders handily, but man my delts were on fire. Kettlebell C&P’s really are a great movement and work the entire delts extremely well. I might drop down to the 53lber for the next 2 C&P workouts this week as this is supposed to be a deload week, afterall. Snatches were cake. Like last time, I snuck in an extra set since I had an extra 30 seconds on the clock when I finished the last set.

Clean and Press Ladder - 70lb bell - repeated 4 times - 48 total C&Ps:
1x C&P Left/Right
1x KB Row Left/Right
2x C&P Left/Right
2x KB Row Left/Right
3x C&P Left/Right
3x KB Row Left/Right
1 minute rest

Snatches - 7 minutes continuous - 53lb bell - 100 reps:
10x Left / 10x Right
1 minute rest

Kettlebell Skullcrushers:

Kettlebell Chest Press:

+ power yoga (50min)

Duration: 70 minutes

Nice sunny fall day, so I decided to get one more bike ride in. It was windy as hell (20-25mph gusts) and, of course, was in my face half of the way at least, but it was still a good ride.

Bike Ride:
17 miles

Duration: 75 minutes

Made it back home from out-of-town yesterday so today I needed to make up yesterday’s session, and get some kettlebells in. I started the day with the kettlebell class that the Y offers. I’ve been assisting with it the last few weeks but today I decided to actually do it in lieu of the swing workout that I would do otherwise. This class is very basic in regards to what is asked of the students, but it is brutal overall. Lots of squats, presses, stiff leg deads, swings, lunges (reverse and side), planks, figure-eights, etc. Even though I only use a 35lb bell it gets my heart-rate racing and breathing hard. There are no ‘rests’ per se, just active rests that are made up of halos and waist circles. Had to step out a few minutes halfway through due to some stomach issues, but I still got a killer workout. Afterwards I gave deads a try but quit after working up to 405 - just too much downward pull on my tweaked neck/trap. I did some hypers and sumo sldls, then finished off with a single set of GMs. My legs were feeling pretty good after the kb session so I didn’t feel the need to do much with weights today.  Later in the day I did the clean and press ladders with the 70lb bell, which felt great.

Kettlebell Class:
25 minutes


45-degree Hypers(2 sets done one-legged):
bw x20×3

Strict Good Mornings:

Sumo SLDL:

Clean and Press Ladder - 70lb bell - repeated 3 times - 36 total C&Ps:
1x C&P Left/Right
1x KB Row Left/Right
2x C&P Left/Right
2x KB Row Left/Right
3x C&P Left/Right
3x KB Row Left/Right
1-2 minute rest

Duration: 55 minutes