8/22 – Upper

From the start I could feel my shoulder wasn’t up for anything heavy. This ended up being a lighter, high volume workout. I’m not logging the weights I used, mostly because I don’t remember and didn’t pay attention – just a lot of reps/sets.

Flat DB Bench:
3 sets

Elbows-out DB Extensions:
2 sets

Neutral-grip DB Bench:
3 sets

Tricep Extension Machine:
4 sets

Shoulder Press Machine:
6 sets

Pec Flye Machine:
4 sets

Chest Press Machine:
4 sets

Rear Delt Flye Machine:
4 sets

Lat Row Machine:
4 sets

Lat Pulldowns:
4 sets

+ stretching + elliptical (25 min)

Duration: 60 minutes

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