6/9 – Deload

Meant to start Sheiko #40 today but it just was not in the cards. My dog passed away unexpectedly last night so I really did not get any sleep, and I am just emotionally and physically drained. Sore elbows and hips from recent training does not help things either. Meant to just do a deload workout today but ended up doing heavy push presses for the first time in months. Somehow managed the easiest 305 effort to-date. Cruised through the rest of the workout doing machine work – I do not even remember the weights, I just used whatever was selected from the last person using.

BTN Push Press:

OH DB Extensions:
x12 x2

Lat Row Machine:
x12 x4

Chest Press Machine:
x12 x6

Lat Pulldown:
x12 x4

Lying Hamstring Curl:
x12 x3

Seated Leg Extension:
x12 x3

Band Pull-Aparts:
red x50x1
red x50x1
red x50x1

Duration: 40 minutes